Statamoto is a simple dashboard of Bitcoin and Lightning metrics derived from market, on-chain and mempool data. Further features to follow.

Version history


Initial release.


Used threading on API calls for speed and UI responsiveness. Added 4 new fields (number of hodling addresses, Blockchain size, 24 hour number of blocks mined, Number of discoverable nodes). Added settings screen. Added ability to disable individual API calls. Added options to change API call refresh frequency. Added a ‘last updated’ timer.


Added Lightning stats, node rankings, etc. Improved responsiveness of the UI. More data fields added. Threading issues fixed.

1 BTC priced in USD, 1 USD priced in sats (Moscow time!), Market cap, All time high in USD, Percentage difference from all time high, 24 hour high in USD,
24 hour low in USD, Total number of bitcoin in circulation, Current block height, Number of transactions in most recent block, Size of most recent block, Current block reward, Average time between blocks, Next difficulty adjustment percentage, Block targetted for the next difficulty adjustment, Estimated hashrate, Average number of attempts to solve a block, Number of transactions over previous 24 hours, Amount of bitcoin sent over previous 24 hours, Average number of transactions per block, Number of transactions in mempool, Estimated number of transactions in next block, Minimum and maximum fees included in next block, Estimated total fees in next block, Current recommended fees for 10m,30m,60m & 1day, Number of hodling addresses, Number of blocks mined in last 24 hours, Number of discoverable nodes, Current Blockchain size, Current time and date.

Total capacity, Clearnet capacity, Tor capacity, Unknown capacity, Node count, Tor node count, Clearnet node count, Clearnet tor node count, Unannounced node count, Channel count, Average capacity, Average fee rate, Average base fee rate, Median capacity, Median fee rate, Median base fee rate, Top 10 most liquid nodes, Top 10 most connected nodes.

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Size: 949KB
Version: 1.0
Published: March 12, 2023