Price (USD): 29,507.38
Moscow time (sats per USD): 3388
Market cap (USD): 7.4523426015625E11
Current circulation (sats): 1904146200000000
Block height: 736633
Est hashrate (gigahash): 229918099917
Chance of finding block per hash attempt: 0.000000000000000000000007450318020130119
Avg time between blocks (secs): 570.381
Next difficulty adjustment % estimate: -2.31
Next difficulty adjustment block height: 736633
Current block reward: 6.25
Avg no of # attempts to find block: 9223372036854775807
Pending unconfirmed transactions: 6490
Avg no of transactions per block: 996.3564
Avg transaction value: 4.2904276099283543E9
No of transactions in last 24 hours: 247297
Amt of sats sent in last 24 hrs: 310154414353522