Market cap (USD): 1.2735468612291562E12
Current circulation (sats): 1968791500000000
Block height: 840133
Est hashrate (gigahash): 549683015307
Chance of finding block per hash attempt: 0.0000000000000000000000026951560085120236
Avg time between blocks (secs): 665.9764
Next difficulty adjustment % estimate: 1.16
Next difficulty adjustment block height: 840132
Current block reward: 3.125
Avg no of # attempts to find block: 9223372036854775807
Pending unconfirmed transactions: 136518
Avg no of transactions per block: 1180.2875
Avg transaction value: 3.8198215225959997E9
No of transactions in last 24 hours: 621164
Amt of sats sent in last 24 hrs: 38998085777354