Disclaimer 1 – I didn’t put much thought into this domain name. It seemed short and appropriate, so I checked if it was available to register. It was, so I did.

A few months later I discovered that there was once a website at this very domain, as announced here back on October 13, 2013, on the Bitcointalk forums.

Clearly, the website is no longer available because this website now exists where that one once did. Thanks to the WayBackMachine we can still get a glimpse of this site’s predecessor as it was back in 2013.

For the avoidance of any doubt, I am not the Bitcointalk member known as msb8r and I have no connection to him/her. I wasn’t involved in Bitcoin until 2020. Whoever you are, msb8r, I hope you are still hodling your bitcoin even though you no longer hodl your website, and I hope I do an OK job in carrying on where you left off all those years ago.

Disclaimer 2 – Another thing that would have become apparent to me if I’d done a bit more research rather than just jumping on to the first domain I thought of is that someone had already thought of using this name, albeit with a different suffix – btcdir.net. I hope the internet is a big enough place for the two of us to exist. We’re on the same side.

But yes, I probably should have done more research. Don’t trust, verify!