The Genesis Block

Satoshi Nakamoto unceremoniously launched the Bitcoin network in January 2009, giving life to a system that had the potential to change the world. Meanwhile, I was sat at a desk writing code for one of the very banks that the Chancellor was on the brink of bailing out again, as referred to by Satoshi in the Genesis Block. The network went on producing blocks every ten minutes or so for a further couple of years before I became aware of it, while I grew even more disillusioned with the financial system I was working for.

The TL;DR is that despite me hearing about it relatively early, it took me until 2020 (many years after leaving my job at the bank) to take the time to actually learn about Bitcoin. For a dissatisfied geek working for a broken financial system, I really had no excuse.

Franklin/Black Hole art by @hodlXhold (many thanks for the usage! πŸ™).

Once I discovered the rabbit hole that is Bitcoin however, I dived straight down it. The bottom is still nowhere in sight. Thankfully I’ve found guidance on the way thanks to the huge wealth of online resources that are provided so well and so freely by the Bitcoin community – books, websites, documentaries, blogs, podcasts, etc. I quickly learnt as much as I could and continue to do so. With not very much in the way of savings to begin with, after 6 months I was essentially ‘all in’ and running my own full node. I’ve been trying to add to my small stack of sats for my little family ever since.

This website is my way of attempting to contribute something to the Bitcoin community. If you think the domain name sounds familiar, this might explain. Feel free to submit a link of your own too. As this directory grows over time, hopefully it will become of more interest to more people. If you find this site useful and feel able to make a small donation towards its ongoing costs it would be massively appreciated!

(CC BY-SA 2.0) by valkyrieh116

By the way, if you’re wondering how many quotations there are on the front page, here’s the full list! πŸ’¬

This is what v1 of this website looked like until v2 took over in May 2022.

Keep on stacking 🧑